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Customized Horizontal Wall-mounted Digital Signage with CE Approval for city

Horizontal Wall-mounted Digital Signage is a type of digital display device installed in a horizontal orientation on walls. It utilizes high-brightness screens to showcase a variety of information, including advertisements, announcements, product promotions, real-time data, navigation guidance, and more. Our digital signage enables remote content updates and management, while also offering the flexibility of customizable branding, allowing for personalized designs to suit different locations and requirements. This digital signage finds widespread applications in commercial, educational, medical, and other fields, providing visually captivating displays and convenient information dissemination for the audience.
  • O2 Series

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Customized Horizontal Wall-mounted Digital Signage with CE Approval for city

  1. Customized Design: Our Horizontal Wall-mounted Digital Signage is fully customizable to cater to the unique needs and branding of each city. We offer a range of sizes, shapes, and color options to ensure a seamless integration into the urban environment.

  2. CE Approval: Our digital signage is CE approved, meeting rigorous safety and quality standards. This certification ensures reliable performance and compliance with European regulations, providing peace of mind for city authorities and users.

  3. Remote Content Management: Effortlessly manage and update content remotely, enabling city administrators to keep citizens informed with real-time information, announcements, events, and emergency notifications.

  4. Energy-Efficient Operation: Our digital signage incorporates energy-saving features, such as automatic brightness adjustment and power management, to minimize power consumption and reduce operating costs for the city.

  5. Versatile Applications: From wayfinding and public service announcements to promoting local events and attractions, our Horizontal Wall-mounted Digital Signage serves as a versatile platform to engage citizens and enhance the city's communication infrastructure.



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