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  • Q How to deal with low screen brightness?

    1 In the "Power Options" window, drag the "Screen Brightness" adjustment button below to adjust the screen brightness; 
    2 Because the screen brightness of the external screen is light-controlled, please check whether there is any obstruction blocking the light control head of the external screen.
  • Q Why does the machine automatically shut down after a while?

    A Check if the device has set a timer for turning on and off.
  • Q Why is the machine's set time not accurate?

    1 Reset the current time;
    2 If the time is still inaccurate after resetting the current time, replace the battery with the corresponding specification.
  • Q Can it run continuously for a long time?

    LCD has low heat and low power consumption, which is more suitable for long-term operation. However, from a maintenance perspective, LCD should still be given time to breathe, after all, LCD is a relatively fragile product, and problems are not easy to solve.
  • Q Why can't the machine play the program after saving it?

    A Please confirm whether the program format is within the supported format range of this machine.
  • Q What to do if there is no sound but a picture after turning on the device?

    1 Check if the volume is set to a minimum;
    2 Check if the mute switch is turned on.
  • Q What to do if the screen is black, no light or sound, and the indicator light is not on?

    1 Check whether the 220V voltage is normal, and whether the terminal of the power cord drawn from the machine and the external power cord are connected;
    2 Check whether the power switch and leakage protection switch are in the working state;
    3 Press the start button of the industrial computer and confirm whether it starts.
  • Q How can I pay for my order?

    1 We accept payment in US dollars;
    2 50% of the total order amount is required as a deposit when placing an order, and the balance is paid when shipping; 
    3 The delivery method is generally FOB.
  • Q How about your warranty?

    Our warranty is 1 year. Normally, the general after-sale service may be as below. 
    1 The paid spares parts could be provided at any time;
    2 If a batch of failure problems occurs, we will arrange for personnel to deal with them on-site;
    3 If the customer’s order quantity is relatively large, we will directly give some spare parts.


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Heyuan LeaTech company, founded in 2005, attaches importance to the R&D and manufacturing of LCD displays, consisting of stretched bar LCD devices, self-service kiosks, digital signage, and conference and education interactive flat panels. 

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