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Customized Vertical Wall-mounted Digital Signage with CE Approval for Mall

With its customizable design, high-quality display, and interactive features, the O2 Series Vertical Wall-mounted Digital Signage provides malls with an effective and modern communication tool, enhancing engagement with shoppers and elevating the mall's overall ambiance. Its CE approval ensures compliance with strict safety standards, making it a reliable and secure solution for mall environments.
  • O2 Series

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Customized Vertical Wall-mounted Digital Signage with CE Approval for Mall

  1. Customized Design: The Vertical Wall-mounted Digital Signage is fully customizable to match the unique branding and aesthetics of each mall. It offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and color options for seamless integration into mall environments.

  2. CE Approval: Our digital signage is CE approved, ensuring compliance with European safety and quality standards.

  3. Interactive Touchscreen (Optional): Optionally, the signage can be equipped with an interactive touchscreen feature.

  4. High-Resolution Display: The digital signage boasts a high-resolution display that ensures clear and vibrant visuals.

  5. Multi-Zone Display: The signage can be divided into multiple zones, enabling simultaneous display of various content, such as advertisements, wayfinding, mall directories, and entertainment.

  6. Integration with Mall Services: The digital signage can be integrated with various mall services, such as wayfinding maps, promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, and food ordering systems.



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