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High-Brightness Digital Window Signage with Remote Control

General Introduction:
Digital window signage is an advanced digital display device widely used in commercial, exhibition, and museum fields.
By using this product, people who experience this product can enjoy multiple functional experiences such as split-screen display, cloud-based management, remote control, high-definition, and high brightness.

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High-Brightness Digital Window Signage with Remote Control

  1. High-Brightness Display: The digital window signage features a high-brightness screen that ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments.

  2. Remote Control Function: Users can conveniently control the signage's settings, content, and scheduling using the included remote control.

  3. Dynamic Content Display: The signage supports the playback of dynamic and engaging content, such as videos, images, and animations, to captivate viewers and enhance advertising effectiveness.

  4. Easy Content Management: With intuitive software, users can easily manage and update the displayed content remotely, allowing for seamless content changes and updates.

  5. Multiple Connectivity Options: The signage offers various connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and Wi-Fi, enabling flexible content playback from different sources.

  6. Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the signage is weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

  7. Energy-Efficient Operation: The signage incorporates energy-saving features, such as automatic brightness adjustment and power management, to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

  8. Customizable Branding: Users can customize the signage with their branding elements, logos, and promotional messages to enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Digital Window Signage

Digital Window Signage display

Automatic Switch on and off

Automatic Switch on and off

Online Remote Management 

Digital Window Signage with Online Remote Management

Production Configuration Parameter

Production Configuration Parameter



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