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​LeaTech Company Visits Hechuan District and Explores Smart Display Industry

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On May 9, 2023, the general manager of LeaTech company and his team visited the industrial park in Hechuan District, Chongqing City, and the related enterprises in the smart display industry there. The purposes of the visit are to enhance the understanding of the local market and industry development and seek potential cooperation opportunities.

The industrial park in Hechuan District is a project of the district government to promote 

the transformation and upgrading of the local economy and to build a digital city. The LeaTech team delegation visited several companies in this park engaged in the smart display industry and learned about their products, technologies, markets, and achievements in the field of smart display. Smart display device refers to various interactive and dynamic display devices that provide clients with information, entertainment, advertising, and other services. Smart display devices include self-service kiosks, digital signage, stretched bar Lcd displays, and smart commercial displays, widely used in various fields such as retail, hospitality, education, transportation, healthcare, and public safety.

After the visit, the delegation also attended a symposium hosted by the Investment Promotion Bureau of Hechuan District Committee and had friendly exchanges with various relevant departments, including the Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Commerce Bureau, the Transportation Bureau, the Big Data Bureau, and the Urban Management Bureau on the development of the digital city and the smart products involved. The symposium was a platform for communication and cooperation between the district government and the enterprises.

The district government introduced its vision and plans for building a digital city and also expressed its welcome and support for more enterprises to invest and settle in Hechuan District. The LeaTech delegation shared its experience and expertise in the smart display industry and expressed its interest and willingness to cooperate with the local enterprises and government. The LeaTech delegation also expressed its good wishes and greetings for the construction of their hometown and laid a foundation for better cooperation and development in the future.

The visit and symposium were fruitful and beneficial for both sides. The LeaTech delegation gained a deeper insight into the local market and industry development and established good relations with the local enterprises and government. The Hechuan District government and enterprises also learned more about LeaTech’s strength and potential in the smart display industry. Both sides expressed their hope to strengthen communication and cooperation and jointly promote the development of the smart display industry and digital city construction.


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