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​Smart Display Industry Witnesses Rapid Growth and Innovation with Wide Applications and Technological Advancements

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According to MarketWatch’s research, the Latest 2023 "Smart Display Market" Trend & Forecast by 2030, the global Smart Display market looks promising in the next 5 years. As of 2023, the global Smart Display market was estimated at USD 3023.22 million, and it's anticipated to reach USD 13219.05 million in 2028, with a CAGR of 27.88% during the forecast years.

The research attributes the market growth to several factors, such as the increasing demand for smart home devices, the growing trend of context-aware signage, the rising adoption of smart signage in various scenarios, and the technological advancements in display technologies.

The smart display industry is experiencing a surge in demand and innovation because smart displays are applied widely in different sectors and scenarios. Smart displays can interact with users through voice, touch, gesture, or other ways, and display relevant information or content on a screen. They can also connect to the internet and other devices through wireless or wired networks, supporting various applications and services.

Some of the essential segments of the smart display market, consisting of self-service kiosks, digital signage, stretched bar displays, and education&conference interactive panels, have different applications and features that cater to the needs and preferences of various customers and industries.

Self-service kiosks are smart displays that allow users to resolve diverse tasks or transactions without human assistance, such as ordering food, checking in at airports or hotels, paying bills, or accessing information to improve efficiency, convenience, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Digital signage also shows dynamic or interactive content for advertising, information, entertainment, or communication purposes. They are customized according to the context, location, audience, or time of the day and collect data and feedback from the viewers and optimize the content accordingly.

Stretched Bar digital signage generally has an elongated shape and can be installed in narrow or curved spaces, like shelves, cabinets, counters, or vehicles. It displays high-resolution images or videos with wide viewing angles and high brightness and has applications for advertising, navigation, information display, or entertainment purposes.

Education&conference interactive panel is the smart display that combines interactive whiteboards, projectors, speakers, cameras, microphones, and computers into one device. They can support various functions such as writing, drawing, annotating, presenting, video conferencing, online learning, or collaboration. They can enhance the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students.

The smart display industry is also witnessing rapid technological innovations that improve the performance, functionality, design, and user experience of smart displays, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and a 5G network.


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