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Versatile 7inches Wireless Wall-mounted Intelligent Access Control Terminal

Our versatile 7-inch Wireless Wall-mounted Intelligent Access Control Terminal is designed to provide seamless and efficient access control solutions for various environments. With advanced wireless technology and intelligent features, this terminal offers a modern and convenient way to manage access and enhance security.

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7inches Wireless Wall-mounted Intelligent Access Control Terminal

Key Features and Advantages:

  • 1. Wireless Connectivity: This terminal is equipped with wireless technology, allowing for easy installation without the need for complex wiring. It offers flexibility in placement and can be conveniently mounted on walls or surfaces.

  • 2. Intelligent Access Control: The terminal features intelligent access control capabilities, enabling authorized personnel to gain entry through secure areas with ease. It supports various access methods such as RFID cards, QR codes, and biometric authentication.

  • 3. User-friendly Interface: The 7-inch touchscreen display provides a user-friendly interface for intuitive navigation and interaction. It simplifies the access process and minimizes the learning curve for users.

  • 4. Real-time Monitoring: The terminal provides real-time monitoring of access activities, allowing administrators to track and manage entry and exit in real-time. This feature enhances security and helps prevent unauthorized access.

  • 5. Customizable Access Settings: Administrators can easily configure access settings based on specific requirements. Access permissions, time-based access, and visitor management can be customized to suit different scenarios.

  • 6. Visitor Management: The terminal supports visitor management functionalities, enabling efficient registration and access for guests. It streamlines the visitor check-in process and enhances the overall visitor experience.

  • 7. Remote Management: The wireless connectivity allows for remote management and configuration, making it convenient for administrators to make updates and adjustments without being physically present.

  • 8. Enhanced Security: With its intelligent access control and authentication methods, the terminal contributes to a higher level of security, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring only authorized individuals can enter designated areas.



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