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Versatile HD Floor Standing Outdoor Digital Signage for Marine Animals

General Introduction

Our versatile HD floor-standing outdoor digital signage is a product tailored for marine-related environments, such as aquariums, marine parks, and educational centers. With its impressive features and functionalities, this digital signage offers a unique and interactive way to showcase information and engage viewers in marine life worldwide.

  • D3 Series

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1. Unmatched Durability: LG Industrial LCD Display

Opt for the LG Industrial LCD display, known for its exceptional durability, extended lifespan, and vibrant color palette.

2. Precision Illumination with Low-Power LED Backlighting

Utilize industrial-grade low-power LED backlight modules with a brightness of 2000cd/㎡. The automatic ambient light sensor ensures adaptive brightness ranging from 700 to 2500cd/㎡, catering to different lighting scenarios.

3. Robust Construction with Safety Enhancements

Incorporate fully tempered double-layered glass with adhesive coating, providing explosion protection, thermal insulation, and UV blocking. Strengthen the internal structure with additional ribs, allowing the machine to withstand up to a Category 12 typhoon. Craft the unit using galvanized steel sheets with a dual-layer outdoor powder coating.

4. Adaptive Design for Varied Environments

Include a high-quality cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation, along with protection against lightning, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, and over-temperature. The design ensures resistance to rain, dust, and intense sunlight exposure.

5. Cutting-Edge Functionality

Integrate an industrial-grade embedded Android mainboard with support for WiFi, RJ45 interfaces, and optional 4G connectivity. The system facilitates simultaneous control of all machines or individual control of a specific unit, featuring 4K resolution (3840x2160) decoding for a superior visual experience.



    producti picture

    LCD Screen Brand:LG

    Backlight Technology:DLED

    Brightness:700 -2500 cd/m2

    Brightness Control:Automatic control




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    Heyuan LeaTech company, founded in 2005, attaches importance to the R&D and manufacturing of LCD displays, consisting of stretched bar LCD devices, self-service kiosks, digital signage, and conference and education interactive flat panels. 

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