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Vibrant 55-inch Wall-Mounted LCD Digital Signage Elevator AD Player

Our Vibrant 55-inch Wall-Mounted LCD Digital Signage Elevator AD Player, a powerful and dynamic solution for transforming the elevator experience. Elevators will no longer be mere transport; they'll be an opportunity to engage and inform in an unforgettable way.

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55-inch Wall-MountedLCD Digital Signage ElevatorAD Player

55 inches Wall-mounting Advertising Digital Signage for Elevator 

Key Features:

Stunning Visual Display: The Vibrant AD Player boasts a brilliant 55-inch LCD screen. It's designed to captivate with its high-resolution display, ensuring that your content is presented in the best possible quality.

Remote Content Management: With remote content management, you have the freedom to control and update your content from anywhere. It's a breeze to keep your elevator's messaging fresh and relevant.

Versatile Media Support: This device goes beyond static images and text. It effortlessly handles video and audio playback, making it a versatile tool for showcasing multimedia content.

Effortless Installation: Specifically designed for wall mounting in elevators, installation is straightforward. You won't need to navigate complex setups.

  • Customizable Content: Personalize your content to match your advertising, navigation, or informational needs. It adapts to your goals with ease.


55 inches Wall-mounting Advertising Digital Signage for Elevator 

Product Advantages:

Compelling Advertising: Elevate your brand image with captivating advertising. Reach your target audience effectively in high-traffic elevator spaces within shopping malls, commercial buildings, and more.
Efficient Information Delivery: Use this player for internal building navigation, news dissemination, emergency notifications, and more. Ensure important information reaches your audience accurately.Perceived Wait Time Reduction: The engaging content minimizes perceived wait times, resulting in a more enjoyable elevator ride for passengers.
Low Maintenance Costs: Our product is built to be durable and reliable, with minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring long-term, cost-effective use.





Embedded Industrial Control Mainboard

Embedded Industrial Control Mainboard


3288  /  3399

Intel  i3  /  Intel  i5  /  Intel  i7  

Running memory 

2G / 4G / 8G

4G / 8G / 16G

Hard disk

8G / 16G / 32G

128G / 256G


Wired (Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps) /  Wireless (2.4G/5G) / LTE (4G/5G)




350 -1000 cd/m²

View angle



5-100W (different sizes, configurations, power, please consult customer service for details)

Video playback

Support wmvaviflvrmrmvbmpeg tsmp4mpgmov........

Image format


Audio format



Stereo L/R, 8 ohm 5 watt x 2

Input voltage

100240V 60/50Hz

RTC real-time clock


Timing on/off


System upgrade

Support TF card upgrade


AC ~110V—220V 50Hz



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